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College Compass NH: Committed to helping students and families navigate the admissions and financial aid process with honesty, integrity & passion!

College is already expensive; for each billable hour an hour will be donated to each student.

What Is 
College Compass NH?

At College Compass NH we understand that the college admissions process can be overwhelming and confusing. That's why we are here to help you navigate this exciting journey. We provide personalized guidance and support to make sure you find the best educational path unique to you!

While there are many online resources are available, the value of face-to-face assistance is invaluable.



CollegecompassNH, LLC is a college/high school counseling service that provides personalized guidance and resources to students and families who are navigating the college admissions process. We are committed to helping our clients make informed decisions about their college choices and stay organized throughout the process.

Law Consultation

Free 1-Hour Consultation

At CollegecompassNH, LLC, we are dedicated to helping students and families achieve their higher educational goals. Our free one-hour consultation brings all stakeholders together to ensure everyone involved is well-informed and equipped with the knowledge to effectively maximize post-secondary options. There is no obligation for this service.

Time and Date

20 Hour Package 

College admissions and financial aid can be a daunting process, but with the right information and guidance, students and families can navigate the process successfully. Our College Counseling services provide the ten things students and families need to know in order to maximize their desired post secondary outcome. We provide information on college admissions, financial aid, scholarships, and more to ensure that students and families have the tools and resources needed to make the best decision for their future.

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At College Counseling, we offer Exploration services that can help students discover their true potential and find the right career path. Our experience can assist in the assessment of a student's interests, skills and talents with the goal of identifying the best college major and potential career options. With our guidance, students can explore their interests and gain the confidence to make informed decisions about their future.

In addition to the services above we offer:

A guy using a computer in a library

Research to ensure an academic, social and financial college match


Determination of students' strengths and aptitudes


Support with development of resume and/or digital portfolio

Working with Financial Documents

Assistance with financial aid forms

Writing an Essay

Assistance with college essay prompts and edits

Student Studying Outside

Plan and strategize standardized testing

Korean Bible with Pen and Notes

Transcript and high school profile review

Student with Laptop

Development of a schedule to ensure application and financial aid deadlines are met

Student Reading Textbook

Assistance with the scholarship search

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About Me

My name is Monica Sawyer

In order to get an accurate picture of who I am and the passion I have for education, a bit of background is necessary.  My father was recruited to come to the United States from Europe.  He arrived with two suitcases, a work ethic and the need to make a difference.  He transferred his philosophy of the importance of hard work and the belief that education is the key to self efficacy.

In every position I have held I have sought to push the boundaries and increase my skills in order to better serve students.  With over thirty years in education,  I have witnessed countless times the life-changing benefits of education not only for my own children but for the students I have had the honor to serve.  It has become my mission and passion to help as many students and families as possible.

My Education includes:

My undergraduate degree is in Economics from Clark University.  My graduate degree in education with a specialty in school counseling from  Notre Dame College.  I am also ASCA (American School Counselor Association) certified as a career development specialist.  I received training in college and financial aid counseling while employed by NHHEAF (New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation).

My Experience includes:

*University Lecturer

*High School Teacher

*High School Counselor

*College and Financial Aid Counselor

*Student Learning and ELO Coordinator

My Awards includes:

*2022 Above and Beyond Award LHS class of 2022

*2019 New Hampshire School Counselor of the Year

*2018 Rotary Service Above Self Award

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"Ms. Sawyer's Capacity to build relationships with students is impressive.  She quickly connected with many seniors to support them in the arduous task of not only picking up the pieces of their fractured high school years but also establishing their post-secondary plan and the action planning that had to be done to get them connected with the post-secondary plans they were building.  With seniors, Ms. Sawyer first built trusting relationships with students and then helped them learn how to access college or post-secondary programming of their choice.  This involved learning how to do college applications, speak to college offices, access student loans and write scholarship letters.  These supports were influential in many of our students coming to believe that they could go to college."

Jim M., Principal 

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